Bridging the Narratives

Tales of Us is a multi-media production company. We create environmental awareness campaigns and platforms for storytellers to address critical global issues. Ancient tales and mythologies form the basis of our projects, which create a new form of environmental messaging, and amplify the voices of people living within important ecosystems. This site features a selection of our first projects, and our new ones, spotlighting our collaborative impact-producing approach, along with important updates.
This collaboration offers an opportunity to grapple with what an ethical approach to storytelling might look like.

The Little Fish and the Crocodile

The Little Fish and the Crocodile is a fable from the rainforest in the Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the Republic of Congo told by the children of the Sanza Mobimba Kindergarten. This film was made for children, by children, and was shown at over 40 film festivals all over the world.
Local children played characters in the story that remind viewers nature’s laws always prevail. It’s one more tale Congo is sharing with the world.

Akesi and the Congo River

Akesi and the Congo River is an animated documentary series for children aged 6 to 8. The 3-part show follows the young Akesi in his coming of age adventures. Akesi learns important life lessons—so will your children. This series shows exclusively on our new platform, Tales@Home.


We dream up and take part in countless events to boost our content to bigger and diverse audiences. These events are tailored to people from all walks of life. They allow us to engage in important dialogues and deepen our understanding of the issues we continue to pursue in our content creation.

Sounds of Odzala

We know we can't tell powerful stories without authentic sounds. This is why we invited sound artist David Kamp to work with us during the production of the Congo Tales series. He joined us in the recording and creation of the Odzala-Kokoua Park sound experience. The result is an award-winning soundscape. An art piece, it continues to travel the world.
The most mesmerizing sounds of one of the most bio-diverse places on earth in all of its detail. - David Kamp

World of Us

World of Us is what happens when education and imagination collide. It’s an all-new mythological adventure game that allows children to travel the globe – without limitations.Young and wild imaginations can roam free as they learn the life lessons we need for a better future, from environmental preservation and biodiversity to cultural identities and unfiltered histories.
It’s time for kids to explore the world.