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In “Congo Tales,” a new book about the second-largest tropical forest in the world, the story of a people and their home comes alive.  -New York Times Book Review

Tales Of Us is an ongoing multimedia series that offers a new approach to communicating the urgency of protecting the world’s most powerful and fragile ecosystems and the people who call them home.

Congo Tales (Random House / Prestel, November 15th, 2018) and the short film The Little Fish and the Crocodile are its first two such projects.

Upturning the traditional conventions of fear-based environmental messaging about conserving areas that have become critical to global environmental health, Tales of Us tells their stories and the stories of the people who live there in a totally new way.

Staging the local mythologies, legends and lore that form the basis of cultures that predate modern civilization by centuries or more in the natural – and ecologically critical — environments from which they sprang, and photographing them using the world’s most celebrated portrait photographers, Tales of Us communicates the magic and mystery of these little understood places in a way that empowers and uplifts, and that reaches people in other parts of the world who may otherwise not hear the message.

Congo Tales - Kid playing on a tree

Tales of Us sets out to change what has become a single story about places of great environmental import, and shows that there are in fact many stories around both.

The result is a cross-cultural and cross-continental collaboration between the people who live in often besieged areas of ecological importance, and a global audience of people whose decisions affect both, that is intended to prevent the loss of these all-important bastions of nature, and reveal their priceless value to the world and our communal future in it.

The Book

A stunning new visual book tells stories of the Congo and its people through lush and imaginative photography.

– The New York Times Book Review

Deep inside the second largest rainforest in the world, the village of Mbomo is inhabited by a diverse group of cultures. After surviving years of devastating Ebola epidemics, the “Mbomoians” now live in a peaceful coexistence. While many ‘stories from the forest’ can be found here, most of them have never before been told.

Offering a fresh yet intimate view of life inside this ecologically rich basin, the Congo Tales photo book joins a deeply moving traditional narrative through the eyes of its community with cinemographic illustration. Although years of research have gone into creating the final result of this series, the images themselves are anything but contrived.

Mainly focusing on children in their most natural form, this book provides powerful imagery of play, translating the importance of nature and conservation.


“When an old person passes away, a library of knowledge burns.”
– Sanza Mobimba Teacher


The core concerns of impact productions are cultural sensitivity, sustainability and positive regional effect.

We are committed to the contribution of positive change in the communities where our projects take place. Instead of imposing our own cultural standards, we work to carry the philosophy of true impact productions. We endeavor to learn from the deep truth of diverse narratives so we can unite cultures and leave programs behind for future generations. For this reason, we take special steps to ensure our team members operate in a socially aware and ethically coherent way.

Consideration for the individuality of local structures and cultural features

Considering the individuality of local structures and cultural features

Strategic use of materials regularly available to locals

Strategically using the materials that are regularly available to locals

Employment of community members to maintain cultural richness

Employing community members to maintain cultural depth and richness

Improving quality of life for communities by encouraging creative thinking

Training support and feedback opportunities for continuous improvement

Creating platforms for untold narrativesto be told

Creating platforms for untold narratives to be told in authentic ways and settings

Our Team

Stefanie Plattner, co-founder Tales of Us

Stefanie Plattner
co-founder Tales of Us

Eva Vonk, co-founder Tales of Us

Eva Vonk
co-founder Tales of Us

Kovo N'sonde - Story Adaptation

Kovo N'sonde
Story Adaptation

Pieter Henket, Photographer Congo Tales

Pieter Henket
Photographer Congo Tales

Bosco Ekany, Line Producer Congo Tales

Bosco Ekany
Line Producer Congo Tales

Ani and Mouendet Ideme, researchers Congo Tales

Ani and Mouendet Ideme
researchers Congo Tales

Vulgain Imboda

David Kamp, Sound Design Congo Tales

David Kamp
Sound Design Congo Tales

Aichato Ibembe
researcher Congo Tales

Tartaruga Feliz, Character design workshops Tales of Us / Congo Tales

Tartaruga Feliz
Character design workshops Tales of Us / Congo Tales

Taina de Oliveira Lagoeiro, Producer Congo Tales

Taina de Oliveira Lagoeiro
Producer Tales of Us

Roger Innis, Producer Tales of Us

Roger Innis
Producer Congo Tales

Karen Hoffstetter, Branding Tales of Us

Karen Hoffstetter
Branding Tales of Us

Anne Wollney, Production Assistant Tales of Us

Anne Wollney
Production Assistant Tales of Us

Shaleah Dawnyel, Content copy editor, Tales of Us

Shaleah Dawnyel
Communication & Strategy

Steve Amigo
Teacher, Congo Tales

Said Abitar, Art director Tales of Us

Said Abitar
Art director Congo Tales

Carolina D’auria, project advisor Congo Tales

Carolina D’auria
project advisor Congo Tales

Wilfried N’sonde, literature adaptation support

Wilfried N’sonde
literature adaptation support, Congo Tales

Theophane Bokaka
Story Research, Congo Tales

Community development in the Congo

Auguste Miabeto
Liguist, Congo Tales

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