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De Morgen


It’s Nice That



My Modern Met

El País



Opening Exhibition at Museum Fundatie

Zwolle, The Netherlands
End: 05.01.20

Unseen Amsterdam: Congo Tales Presentation

Amsterdan, Netherlands
End: 22.09.19

2nd edition: National Book Launch in Republic of Congo

Republic of Congo


PBS Broadcast: Congo Tales

Boston, USA

Christie’s Auction: Congo Tales Photo Prints

Portdam, Germany

US Book Launch at Rizzoli NY

New York, USA

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Our work in education and conservation takes us to some of the most magical and endangered places on the planet.

These geographic exchanges allow us to follow our mission of increasing avenues for awareness, conservation and cooperation, between cultures and continents as we realize the dream of each project.

To get involved with the Congo Tales project or to get more information about other projects please get in contact.


Press contact:
Christopher Nutter | Nutter Media
cell +1 917 770 0350
[email protected]

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Tales of Us is an ongoing cultural awareness project committed to immortalizing the hidden stories of the world. You can help us by suggesting a place or becoming a partner and collaborator for future projects. Suggest our next location in the blank below and help us to unite cultures!

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